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What we do

Smart Choices targets schools, churches, communities, correctional service institutions and other institutions:

  • Provides the educational health, spiritual solutions and ongoing counseling services to young people. Prepares young people for life after school and to assist them to discover their purpose in life. Becomes a beacon of hope to those who have lost hope in life through the gospel. Eradicates poverty and foster loyalty.


  • Promotes wellness programs conducting testing on diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, Body Mass Index and also provide education and advise on TB, cancer and other chronic illnesses. We also provide information about male medical circumcision and refer them to relevant points for the procedure.


  • Provides adequate message against risk behavior versus Christian bound values. Allows youths to make informed decisions about their lives. Gives an opportunity to learn at depth about HIV&AIDS. Liaises with education system to adopt the program as a Curriculum. Promotes ABC: A – Abstinence before marriage, B – Being faithful to one partner after marriage, C – Change behavior and trusting in Christ to help one make the difficult choices.