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About us

Smart Choices SA Partners has various departments that complement each other in purpose. Every member specializes in the area of their engagement accompanied by relevant credentials and substantial experience. Each has direct experience in portfolios filled. This is the labor of love as they continue to make difference in the communities they serve at large.

Smart Choices initiative mainly focuses in practical, relevant interventions to address HIV, STI’s, teenage pregnancies and unruly behavior which are rampant social ills in our communities across South Africa.

The central objective of the Smart Choices program is to equip and coach young people with the means to voluntarily make smarter choices in life, chiefly prevent new infections. We change and save lives of future leaders.


Our mission is summed to deliver & support high quality behavior change to the teenagers and  youths alike through effective educational services in SA for the prevention of HIV infection, STI‘s, teenage pregnancy, alcohol & drug abuse. The entity also ensures that the information is sustainable and transferable to the community and the nation at large.

To encourage churches to adopt one or two schools. To recruit local churches to present teams to be trained in our Curriculum so that they become ambassadors for our communities. To train the team in churches   and provide mentoring until it becomes self-sufficient.